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The Inspector Gordon - Predator Poachers Official T-Shirt is a stylish and exclusive piece that comes in a cool blue color. The primary design features the Inspector Gordon logo on the front, representing the vigilant nature of their work, while the PPO Official Logo graces the back to signify their association with the Predator Poachers organization.


Front Design

**Inspector Gordon Logo**: The centerpiece of the front design is the iconic Inspector Gordon logo. It showcases a magnifying glass at the center, symbolizing scrutiny and investigation, with sleek, modern lines that emphasize professionalism. Next to the magnifying glass, "Inspector Gordon" is displayed in a clean and bold font, making it easily recognizable.


Cool Blue Color:
- The T-shirt is exclusively available in a cool blue color, evoking a sense of calm and trustworthiness. This color is also reminiscent of law enforcement uniforms, highlighting the team's commitment to justice.


Back Design:
1. **PPO Official Logo**: Positioned at the upper back, the PPO Official Logo is displayed in a more subdued size compared to the front design. It includes the PPOfficial Logo, signifying the affiliation with Predator Poachers. This logo serves as a nod to the team's overarching mission while keeping the primary focus on Inspector Gordon on the front.


Material and Quality:
The Inspector Gordon - Predator Poachers Official T-Shirt is made from high-quality, soft cotton for comfort and durability. The design elements are expertly screen-printed, ensuring that the logos maintain their vibrancy and integrity over time. Overall, the Inspector Gordon - Predator Poachers Official T-Shirt is a cool and sophisticated garment that reflects the professionalism and dedication of Inspector Gordon while aligning with the mission of the Predator Poachers organization. Its exclusive cool blue color and stylish design make it an appealing choice for supporters of the cause.


Inspector Gordon - Predator Poachers Official T-Shirt

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