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Product Description:
The Gordon Flowers Shield of Armor Tee is a powerful and symbolic garment designed to encapsulate the essence of protection and strength. With Gordon Flowers' iconic red-orange beard featured inside the shield on both the front and back, this tee serves as a bold statement of support for Gordon Flowers and his team's mission.

Design Features:

- **Front Design**: A small, tastefully designed teal shield with Gordon Flowers' red-orange beard inside is prominently displayed on the front of the tee. The beard serves as a unique and recognizable symbol, representing Gordon Flowers' dedication to safeguarding children.


- **Back Design**: The back of the tee showcases a larger version of the teal shield with Gordon Flowers' beard inside, creating a striking visual impact. This design pays tribute to the protective armor worn by Gordon Flowers and his team as they work relentlessly to expose online predators.


- **Natural Color**: The tee is exclusively available in a natural color, which complements the overall design and provides a timeless and organic feel.


- **Size Range**: The tee is available in sizes ranging from S to 4XL, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for individuals of various body types.


- **Symbolism of the Shield**: The shield symbolizes protection, signifying Gordon Flowers' and his team's unwavering commitment to shielding the innocent from online predators.


Material and Quality:
The Gordon Flowers Shield of Armor Tee is crafted from high-quality, breathable cotton to ensure comfort and durability. The design elements, including Gordon Flowers' beard, are printed using eco-friendly ink, guaranteeing the longevity of the shield and the beard's representation.


Wearing the Gordon Flowers Shield of Armor Tee is a profound expression of support for a mission dedicated to protecting children and exposing online predators. It's a tee that embodies strength, commitment, and the protective shield that Gordon Flowers and his team provide to those in need.

Gordon Flowers Shield of Armor Tee

PriceFrom $28.99
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